Pau Grau-Vilalta


PhD Researcher
Department of Social and Political Sciences
European University Institute


Welcome! I am a Doctoral Researcher in the Social and Political Sciences Department of the European University Institute (Firenze).

I study the emergence and development of political mobilization in 19th and early 20th century Europe, and how this is conditioned by a wide range of social, political, and economic institutions. I co-organize the Comparative Politics Seminar Series.

Previously, I have worked as a Research Assistant at the Institutions and Political Economy Research Group - IPERG (University of Barcelona).

Work in progress

  1. Ne parlons pas de l’Affair Dreyfus: Antisemitic riots and polarization in Fin de Siècle France (with Simon Hix)
  2. Anglicans, Dissenters and Electoral Behavior in 19th century Great Britain (with Carles Boix and Guillem Riambau)

Other work

  1. Temporary Disenfranchisement Revisited: A Report from the 2023 Montréal Replication Games on the Robustness of Recent Findings in the APSR (with Joris Frese, Alexandros Christos Gkotinakos, and Matthew Hepplewhite), I4R Discussion Paper Series, No. 87, Institute for Replication (I4R), s.l.
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